About Me

Hi, I'm Paul and I'm a professional Spanish to English translator, based in Dundee, Scotland.


I've spent over a decade working in the translation industry. My qualifications include:

  • Masters in Translation from Portsmouth University

  • MA (Hons) in Spanish and TESOL from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

  • ECQA Terminology Manager qualification

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification

I take my profession seriously and am a member of several professional bodies: the Chartered Institute of Linguists (as a Member and Chartered Linguist), the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (as an Affiliate), and the Mediterranean Editors and Translators network.

Health, wellbeing and nutrition occupy an important part in my life, and you can often find me in the gym or cooking something tasty and nutritious. I'm also a keen language learner, so apart from my professional language (Spanish) I also know a bit of French and Italian too.