Exploring language and culture in a well written way.

With an extensive knowledge of Spanish and Latin American language and culture, I specialise in the following areas: health and fitness (including wellbeing, sports, and exercise psychology), nutrition (both general and sports nutrition, public health information), and medical translation. The type of documentation I can assist with includes: 


  • Blog posts, e-learning content, e-books

  • Academic articles, reports, white papers

  • Product and labelling information, customer information leaflets

  • Marketing materials for exercise equipment, wearable technology, sports nutrition brands


Costs and timescales vary depending on the document type, format, and complexity. Please contact me and I will be happy to discuss the project specifications with you.

Any translations are carried out in line with the ITI’s standard Terms and Conditions. 


Helping your business develop a translation process.

Each business is unique and wants to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. As a language consultant my goal is to help small businesses take their products and services to international markets in a way that suits their size, target market and budget. Working with you, I will:

  • Carry out an analysis of your current resources

  • Determine the best way for you to incorporate translations into your business 

  • Recommend cost-effective resources that will help you work efficiently

  • Work with you to embed a translation workflow into your business activity

Get in touch today to discuss your business needs and goals.


Proofreading & mtpe

Attention to detail, getting the right tone and making the format appealing to the reader.

I can assist with proofreading many document types to ensure the tone of your business is consistent and your translations are of excellent quality before reaching your customers. I also carry out post-editing tasks (MTPE)Some of the document types I offer proofreading for are: ​

  • Web copy

  • Instruction manuals

  • Customer information leaflets

  • Texts written by non-native English speakers

Don't leave it to chance, as a proofreader I will make sure your content is fit-for-purpose.


Communication breaks down barriers and opens doors

Good communication and being able to speak another language opens so many doors and results in a huge amount of satisfaction. I offer one-to-one or group tuition via Skype or Zoom in the following:

  • English as a Foreign Language - whether you're learning English for work, study, travel, or curiosity, I can help you reach a greater level of fluency. 

  • General conversation practice.

  • Structured lessons covering grammar, conversation and exam preparation. 

  • Business English for international employees looking to improve their communication skills. 

  • Spanish for beginners - Thrive on your travels, making new friends by learning to communicate in Spanish. 

  • I offer lessons to adults who want to travel or live in Spanish-speaking countries, including basic business Spanish for corporate clients. 


Contact me to discuss your goals and together we will develop a plan tailored to you.



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